Richard Doetsch is a bestselling author, philanthropist, kiteboarder and an expert in the field of commercial and residential real estate. This year at the 5th Annual Dream Extreme, STEPS to End Family Violence will honor Richard for his dedication and commitment to helping underserved families in the community.

While many authors choose to write about thrills, Richard has lived his life experiencing them. In addition to kiteboarding, Richard is an avid skydiver, triathlete, expert skier, scuba diver, and an erratic golfer. He is an extreme sport enthusiast who has jumped out of planes, off bridges, and cliffs.

Richard’s first novel, The Thieves of Heaven, was published in 2006 and has been purchased by 20th Century Fox. It’s an international bestseller, published in 28 languages and available in 33 countries. The Thieves of Faith, The 13th Hour, Thieves of Darkness and Half-Past Dawn also rode the bestseller lists around the world. Like his main characters, Richard does much of his work under cover of darkness where distractions are few and his creativity flows best. He combines the adrenaline rush of his life with his imagination to bring out the best in his characters. Richard finds his inspiration in the love for his wife, Virginia, helping him fill his stories with heart and hope.

Richard is also an accomplished musician, composing for both the guitar and piano. He has scored the soundtracks for several independent short films and his music has been featured on MTV and VH1. He resides in New York with his wife and three children.