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I am very excited to be celebrating the 6th Annual DREAM EXTREME, benefitting HOUR Children. DREAM EXTREME is a continuation of my motivational and fundraising mission, inspiring others to overcome challenges while raising critical funds for families effected by domestic violence.

Almost fourteen years ago, I was faced with the ultimate challenge when sentenced to one year in Danbury federal prison. Although life-shattering, the experience also served as a catalyst. While incarcerated, I had a vision to help children, who like my own daughter suffer because of separation from their mother. Since my release, we have raised more than $25 million for charity through large scale galas and other events patronized by renowned artists, celebrities and leaders in business and philanthropy. Recently, I had the opportunity to ring both the NYSE and the NASDAQ opening and closing bell, receiving important publicity and exposure for charitable causes.

Kiting gives me strength and reinforces my self-confidence. It gives me that needed spark to recharge my spirit and attitude, creating positive energy in my life. Through the Dream Extreme event I aim to offer the same empowering experience to others.

I look forward to seeing you in September!

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